In Memory of Mary Cridge

Died January 2019

Many will remember Mary as a very hard-working, long-standing Hon Secretary of the Friends of the Priory Church. She did it for sixteen years, taking over from Michael Jones, and holding the post until 2002. All the time with no electronic assistance! Everything was handwritten: there were handwritten Minutes, handwritten card indexes, handwritten envelopes containing newsletters and all a labour of love. Members remember her at every Festival, standing just outside the porch “with the notice board behind her, a sheaf of brochures in her hand and a bright smile upon her face – who could resist joining?”

Mary is also remembered by members of the Priory Church choir. A friend and fellow chorister recalls her always smiling, kindly and dressed immaculately – especially in the summer – in pretty dresses and white gloves. She was a soprano, singing in the choir and until she left Edington to be cared for.

Another Friend remembers Mary and her husband, Jurek, being great cooks and entertainers, recalling especially being invited to Christmas one year and the special, rather romantic atmosphere they created.

Her working life was as a primary school teacher, but she was also a good golfer and Lady Captain of Warminster Golf Club at one stage; she loved the local countryside too and enjoyed walking.

In the last AGM Minutes that she wrote, she records her speech of thanks on being presented with a gift. Among the many who were mentioned, she particularly thanked above all, “the Friends world-wide who loved this house of God and enabled it to be preserved as a meeting place where people can gather to praise Him or come into its quiet and feel the centuries of prayer that permeate its very walls.”

She had been instrumental in helping the Friends grow into the society it is today and in so doing ensuring the Priory Church would continue to be maintained as the special place so many know and love.

Thank you to Friends who helped write this tribute.