Lockdown Ingenuity

There have been some wonderful uplifting ideas to cheer us all up in the lockdown times that are our Spring 2020 experience.   The battle against covid-19 has ensured some drastic measures, including closing our churches.   It must be very hard for the clergy and church officials to try and fulfil their roles at a time when some people need pastoral care and comfort most.

As a substitute, the clergy team have been “hosting” services on Zoom and virtual coffee mornings, both of which have been well-attended.

In order to mark the church seasons – especially with such special ones during this time – our hard-working churchwarden and vergers came up with an inspired plan …   All carefully executed at the correct “social distance” of course.

Here are the pictures …

Easter is usually a time for such celebration and decoration in our churches, including making an Easter Garden.

Celebrating Ascension

and Pentecost

and Trinity