Swindon Surprise

We are lucky enough to have the bells rung regularly as the Priory Church bell tower has a committed team of local ringers and is, in addition, the Ringing and Training Centre for the Devizes Branch of the Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers. It is a real joy.

Earlier this year, a new Saxilby (which, to those of us non-campanologists, is a dumb bell) was installed and dedicated. It has generated much interest and attracted several new young recruits. With the Saxilby and the simulator already installed, there is now provision for training and practice with the bells “silenced” and skills can be honed without disturbing local parishioners!

There are ten bells, all with inscriptions, in the Priory Church tower, five of which came from St Giles at Imber and I learned recently, chatting to a friend who rings in Somerset, that the Priory Church bell tower is quite well known, attracting visiting teams from all over the country to come and ring.

Indeed on Saturday 9 May our own ringers joined those across the country celebrating the VE Day anniversary. Then on 16 May, the team from St Mary Redcliffe in Bristol came to attempt a complicated peal called Swindon Surprise Royal. I was told it is a peal with more than 5,040 changes and takes about 3½ hours but the team did more than “attempt” on that beautiful sunny morning – they succeeded brilliantly, in 3 hours and 7 minutes!
Click here to hear a short excerpt and marvel at their skill and the beautiful sound of the Edington Bells. The video may take a short time to load.
To find out more, please contact Mark Noble our Bell Captain on 01380 830036, or click here.
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