Palm Sunday

The new organ is now being voiced, and we hope to hear it played for the first time on Palm Sunday, 13th April 2014 ...

On the evening of 8th April 2014 we were treated to an informal talk and recital given by Andy Scott, Head Voicer at Harrisons, who has been here for the last six weeks or so, making sure the newly built organ sounds just the way it’s meant to in the Priory Church.  He is nearly at the end of his task, and hoping to have the organ ready for the Palm Sunday Service at 11:00 on 13th April.

As Head Voicer, Andy spent a long time voicing the newly refurbished Festival Hall organ, which has just been celebrated -  a rather different size of organ! Andy says he has very much enjoyed being in Edington, working by day in our lovely church. He also mentioned the excellent beer in the pub a couple of times too!

We heard the Elgar Imperial March and a couple of other short pieces to show the colours the organ can paint in sound and marvelled at what can be done with wood, metals, wires and excellent craftsmanship. He has designed it to be perfect for our village needs and then to transform itself into a cathedral organ both for the Festival and for any other concert or recital. The talk this evening ably demonstrated that. Exciting times ahead.

Our photo shows Andy demonstrating one of the pipes. We are hoping he and Mark Venning, Chairman of Harrisons, will be giving the Friends’ talk about the organ before its dedication at Evensong on Saturday 23 August and Ashley Grote giving the inaugural recital that evening. Watch this website for details.

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