Jazz in the nave

Over 250 people flocked to hear Built for Comfort play at Edington Priory Church’s Jazz and Blues evening on 27th July 2007.

The west end of the nave was transformed with a stage opposite the south door, and pews were pushed back to form an auditorium and dance floor. Outside in the car park, mini-marquees were linked together to shelter the barbecue and bar – although, in the event, the evening stayed dry!

Vocalist Alec Adams introduced numbers like Cross-eyed Cat, Route 66, and Diamonds at your feet, encouraging many of the audience onto the dance floor. Then, whilst the band took a short break, there was rapturous applause for Edington’s very

own Barber Shop Quartet – John Bennett, David Perkins, Alan Brown and John Ridgers – performing on their home ground.

With its north/south axis, the concert was kept well clear of the chancel and the high altar. “We do need to be sensitive in running fundraising events like this,” says Churchwarden Joanna Robertson. “Generations of people have come to this church for worship and quiet contemplation – and that will always remain its primary purpose.”

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