Foot tappin’

The versatile Bristol-based band Cass Caswell’s Allstars attracted music lovers from as far away as Cornwall to the fifth annual jazz evening at Edington Priory church on 25th July 2008.
Other visitors from neighbouring counties helped swell the local audience, packed around an improvised dance floor at the western end of the church. ‘It was wonderful to see so many different people enjoying themselves,’ says churchwarden Joanna Robertson, who estimated that only about a quarter of the audience were regular Edington worshippers.

The Allstars wowed the audience with numbers like Float me down the river, China Town, and Duke Ellington’s Keep it movin’. The band, which proved to be an inspired choice, was booked by Russell Lewis in his first year as organiser in chief.

During the break, it was the turn of Edington’s own Barber Shop Quartet – John Bennett, David Perkins, Alan Brown and John Ridgers – who had a real hit with their première of Flanders and Swann’s The Gas Man Cometh.




Throughout the evening, the barbecue and tented bar did good business in the car park. ‘This is a community event, so we deliberately kept the prices low,’ says Sue Davies, another of the organisers. With beer at £2 a pint, and wine at just £1.50, the bar staff were certainly kept busy. And, on the barbecue, veggie burgers were a welcome innovation this year.

The tempo increased after the break when the Allstars returned to the stage, encouraging couples to end the evening in style on the dance floor.

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